At wedding shows and exhibitions i get asked many questions and this is how i answer them

Do i need a toastmaster?

The quick answer is no, you don’t need a toastmaster, your  wedding reception can place without, in the same vein neither do you need any bridesmaids, a photographer, transport or a sit down meal or buffet. It all depends on how enjoyable and memorable you want your wedding day to be. A good wedding toastmaster will add great value and off course professional know how to your occasion and make it even more special.

What will a toastmaster do that a hotel manager cannot?

Wedding Receptions– Civil Partnership– Ladies Festival– Award Ceremonies– Corporate Events- Products Launches- Charity Events – All Events formal or informal. Available all over Hampshire and Dorset.

Couldn’t i ask a relative to do it?

Yes you could, but the same arguments apply. A good toastmaster knows how everything can and should be done and is able to advise and discuss with you beforehand, he can add the necessary degree of formality and structure to make the right things happen and to keep things on track (still maintaining a sense of fun ) . Besides why not let your relative enjoy your special day with you stress free. As your toastmaster i will of course, involve your relatives and friends in speeches and other activities as you wish.

Won’t a toastmaster be too formal for my reception?

In short  no. The toastmaster is an organiser, announcer, and coordinator but formality ( in the sense of the red tailcoat, a clear speaking voice and authority ) shouldn’t be confused with pomposity i always keep to what you want, for some events a strict formality in the hall is the norm. That shouldn’t be the case for your wedding – unless that’s what you want but please ask and we tailor to your requirements.

What sort of person should my toastmaster be?

Someone who can advise you, who has been properly trained and who can adapt to give you the day you want and in the format you want it. He should be a person that you can relate to and has the personality and charisma to suit your event.
What will it cost? When I know the venue or just the location, number of guests, so I can see what if any travel cost there may be, I will be pleased to give you a quote. I will make you a guarantee because i enjoy my work from planning to the first dance compared to all other trained professional master of ceremonies, the cost will be less that you think.
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My Venue tells me a Toastmaster / MC is included, so why should I need you ?

Please don't be fooled, they will not offer a bona-fide red coated professional toastmaster. You will get a untrained member of the banqueting staff to announce your speeches, but that is all, they have many other duties through your day, like Serving your Wedding breakfast!. Please don't let your day turn in to a disaster, I have meet many new brides who say they wish they had book a Professional Toastmaster, to co-ordinate the running of there special day.
The service that I as a professional Toastmaster offer is a full support package from the moment you arrive at the venue until the moment I place you in the capable hands of your Band/D.J. for your first dance. In that period you will unobtrusively supported and discreetly directed though the proceeding to ensure that the day flows as smoothly as we had planned it, so you and your guest have a stress free day and can relax, sit back and soak up the day.