Civil Funeral Ceremony

what kind of funeral do you want?

Not everyone wants the same type of funeral. Your choice may be influenced by regligious and cultural traditions, or by personal preference or by the express wishes of the person who has died. people are finding that a civil funeral ceremony is a more appropriate for them, free to choose the content they want.

What is a civil funeral ceremony?

A civil funeral is a ceremony that reflects the wishes of the family and is focused on celebrating and reflecting the life of the person. it is dignified and a personal memoir, created in consultation with the family as a tribute to the deceased.

Where can a civil funeral are held?

A civil funeral can be held almost anywhere you wish. the ceremony is appropriate for either a cremation, or a burial at any non regious burial ground or a burial at a woodland burial site.

How is a civil funeral ceremony created?

We will together create a comprehensive ceremony that meets your wishes and requirements. there may be members of the family or frends who wish to speak or take part in the ceremony; i will talk to those who are participating and make sure that the ceremony is well organised. i will also liaise with the funeral director and the crematorium about all aspects of the ceremony.
Music can play a very important part in the ceremony and can include any pieces of music that you feel is appropriate to the person. families often choose to include additional pieces of poetry or readings that had a special significance for the deceased. You can include regligious items such as a hymn or prayer if you wish.
It is very important that you are satisfied with the ceremony content, so you have the opportunity to check the ceremony text, if you wish, before the cermony takes place. you can be assured that a meaningful and dignified tribute is created that is unique and reflects the life of the deceased

How can i arrange a civil funeral ceremony?

Please contact me to arrange a meeting. We can discuss all the options available to you and then we will work together to create a ceremony that is unique and reflects your wishes.

The area i can cover.

I am based in the New Forest hampshire but can cover most of the South of England and behond